Silent Drive

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Album: Love Is Worth It (2007)

Song: 4/16

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Silent Drive is a band that has risen out of the ashes of the short-lived Ink Cartridge Funeral. It contains members of Bane, Massachusetts metal band Dasai, and Burlington, Vermont outfit Drowningman. Though this seasoned four-piece has deep roots in the hardcore/metal scene, it is branching out far beyond the constraints of any genre. The musical history of the four players is long in the making. All four members have been playing on stage and writing behind the scenes for close to ten years.

The recipe is a strict one: anything goes, as long as it rocks. There is no melody too sweet and no riff too heavy for us... as long as it says what we want it to say, we have no boundaries. Musicians first and foremost, any category they are put in will be superseded and canceled out by the fact they are fearless musicians who live for the song and for the process of bringing it to anyone who may enjoy it.

By deriving influences as diverse as Faith No More to Radiohead and then adding their own punk-rock sense of intensity and ferocity, SD are blazing a new genre bending path. From melodic, soulful singing to growling screams of anger coupled with thick guitar, crunching bass, and razor like drumming this four-piece are on to something that could change the face of underground music.